TECHNETPRO is an information technology company that offers smart, reliable, and lasting, networking solutions for small businesses in the New York Metropolitan Area. We help our clients find the most comprehensive and suitable solutions to their business goals and needs .


Are you prepared for unexpected ? How would your business cope with unforeseen disaster- flood, fire, worse even? What if you lost or accidentally deleted important documents and files? Have you thought about how this would affect your business? We have.


How safe is your vital information? What if your data was stolen? Or if confidential information was passed on to your competitors? Even if you have security measures in place you could still become the victim of a data breach. Managed Security helps to protect your systems and safeguard your business.

Our Services

        • Managed Server
          Server problems can affect you and your business in a number of ways including: Losing time and customers due to server downtime .Rising costs of trying to fix issues .Increasing risk of virus attacks and hackers.
        • Managed Continuity 
          Are you prepared for downtime? How would you cope without your IT systems? What if you couldn’t access important emails or files? You could lose sales, customers, time and money.
        • Managed Email
          Common issues with email? Email is part of our daily life and an essential communication tool for business. How would you manage without it? What if something went wrong?


      • Managed Workstation
        How would your business survive with no access to PCs or laptops? If your system went down, what would the impact be on your business? Managed Workstations is an easy, cost-effective way of monitoring all vital components of your PC network.
      • Managed Mobile 
        How safe is it for employees to access your data via a mobile device? Do you feel that it is out of your control? Want to improve access to your business systems?
      • Managed Networks
        How would your business cope if you lost internet connection? Or if your entire system went down? What if you lost important business documents or client data? Relying on luck when it comes to your IT?


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